O’Malley ripped for blaming ISIS rise on ‘global warming’


Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is being criticized in conservative circles for claiming Monday that “global warming” created conditions that led to the rise of ISIS and “extreme violence” in the Mideast.

However, O’Malley apparently was parroting arguments long made by highly influential progressive think tanks, most prominently the Center for American Progress, or CAP, which has been described as the “idea factory” of the Obama White House.

In fact, CAP, which has influenced the Obama administration on defense spending, previously released a 52-page proposal in which authors Michael Werz and Laura Conley laid out a plan for the U.S. military to deliver aid to developing countries purportedly ravaged by so-called global warming.

A central thesis of the paper was that “global warming” partially caused the Islamic insurgencies in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and other countries in the region.

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