“Nintendo president assassinated by Freemasons” conspiracy theory floats around social networks


It has been five days since Satoru Iwata, the much beloved president of Nintendo, tragically passed away, and fans have been dealing with the sudden loss in numerous different ways – some with written messages, some with heartrending art.

They say there are five stages of grief that people may go through in times like this: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. However, according to an anonymous dissertation circulating around Line, someone found the magic whistle and warped all the way to grief stage 6: accusation of an omnipotent clandestine society.

The document claims that in the time leading up to his death Iwata had been making drastic changes to the direction and principles of Nintendo. Some examples of this as cited by the essay include:

Nintendo had previously resisted entering the smartphone market and held the position that consoles would always be superior. However, recently they have made moves to work with Japanese online game e-commerce giant DeNA.

Iwata had once said that 3DS games became boring if the 3D functionality was turned off. However, later the 2DS – a machine which lacked a 3D screen – was released.

Nintendo announced that software production outside of Japan has increased, when actually it has gone down.

After refusing to cut the price of game machines, the 3DS had its price slashed by 40 percent fewer than six months after release.

Nintendo had affirmed that they would provide games to the “other side of the world” but recently withdrew from Brazil.

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